An innovation in pass development. One end is flat and the other a conventional rugby ball shape. The ball has been specifically developed to bounce back, spin and return to the player when the flat edge is thrown or passed against a wall.



  • Half ball to allow passing practice without a partner 
  • Pass against a wall off either hand to improve technique 
  • Durable rubber surface 
  • Match ball weight with TruE Flight valve muscles both left and right sides.
  • Strengthening passing and catching muscles both left and right sides.
  • Pass against a wall off either hand to improve technique and reaction 
  • Enhancing - ball handling proficiency, hand eye coordination, aim and ball awareness - left and right handed 
  • Building - strength, stamina, endurance, reaction time and confidence 
  • Durable rubber surface.
  • Developing - passing and catching speed, reaction time, accuracy, agility and efficiency - left and right handed.

BB REBOUND - Original

  • Black BB Rebound Ball Availible in size 3, 4 & 5

    • High Quality Training Ball 
    • Long lasting grip.
    • 3 ply poly cotton lining
    • Suitable for all conditions.
    • Upper surface made with blend of natural and synthetic rubber.
    • 2 ply laminated construction.
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